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What's My Name?

Ask me again, and I'll tell you the same. Maybe.

What do you want my name to be?
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I'm no longer roleplaying with Saffron. This journal is for ficlets only. Thanks for your understanding.

I'm trying to get mine. There is nothing wrong with that. It takes a lot of work, even if I make it look easy. An old poem from Earth That Was went: What's my name? Pudding Tang. Ask me again, and I'll tell you the same. Someone told me that and I realized it was the story of my life.

Name: ? (Known canon aliases: Saffron, Bridget, Yolanda)
Age: 24
DOB: •2493•
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red?
Height: 130
Weight: 5'5
Occupation: Consort.
Specialty: Reinvention, deception, delusion, making men feel like they are the only ones alive, sex, parlor tricks, technology, black widows, polygyny, cooking, gunplay, the good-night kiss.
Personality: Who knows? She reinvents herself so often, you never know who you might be talking to. She's quite pleasant as some characters she's invented -- she likes to cook, intelligent, eager to please. Her true character seems to be devious, independent, contrary, highly sexual, manipulative and, ultimately, pretty creative.
Background: Who knows? Not I. I've invented that she was an early admission into Companion training. But, it wasn't for her, so, she took off and went freelancing. Pretty much everything else is canon, so if you've seen Our Mrs. Reynolds and Trash, you know where I am coming from. Oh, perhaps with the exception that my Saffron really "just wants to be held" ... haha. Just kidding.

Mitsy Barrens: Sweet, backwater schoolmarm, "abducted" by Serenity, cries a lot, perhaps opening for affair/marriage with Lt. Feliz? [Safehouse on Abraxin, a small, tumbleweed moon.]
Saffron: Bible-study hippy-chick, honorary daughter of the community, pious, thoughtful, virginal... horny. Wife to Malcolm Reynolds (c. 10/24/2517).
Bridget: Ass-kicking, diamond in the rough, labour for hire, sex fiend, beard-hater. Wife to Monty (c. 04/2518).
Yolanda: The good wife, threw luncheons, spent money, decorated, practically devoted to home and hearth. Wife to Durran Haymer (c. 2511).
Penny: Registered companion, pet of Ivan the Terrible (Federal officer), hooker with a heart of copper. Apartment on Beaumonde.

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